Traditional Mexican Mole Negro Sauce

Traditional Mole Negro sauce can be overwhelming to make! But with this simple recipe, you will surely want to make it again and again!



Ingredients for Mole sauce:


Instructions for Mole Negro:

  1. Using scissors, cut open each of the dried chiles and scrape out the seeds into a bowl. Discard the stems.
  2. Using a large castiron pan or saute pan, blister the skin of 3-4 chiles at a time on high heat until you have gone through all of the chiles.
  3. Blister both sides until the chiles become fragrant (about 1 min 30 sec per side).
  4. Place the cooked chiles into a bowl, and pour 2 cups of boiling water over the top of the chiles once all the chiles are in the bowl. Cover bowl with a paper plate.
  5. Let the chiles sit in the water for 20 minutes.
  6. Wipe the pan you just used out with a dry towel.
  7. Place the spices, nuts, herbs, seeds, And cinnamon sticks into the pan and toast on medium high heat till everything becomes aromatic and very dark.
  8. Place the toasted ingredients into a bowl to cool.
  9. Wipe out the pan again and place the vegetables into the pan and brown all sides. The tomatillos and tomatoes may become a little mushy.
  10. Once the vegetables become browned and have burned a bit, place into a blender and blend with the chicken stock.
  11. Sit the tomato mixture aside in a bowl.
  12. Put the Chiles along with the water they’ve been soaking in into the blender and blend.
  13. Add the toasted ingredients and tortillas, blend till smooth.
  14. Pour the tomato mixture back into the blender and blend with everything else.
  15. Pour the mole into a large dutch oven through a mesh sieve, filtering out the chunks of toasted ingredients with the sieve.
  16. Simmer the Mole sauce on low until it has become thick, about 1 hour.
  17. Add the Chocolate and incorporate it fully.
  18. Taste for seasoning and serve with your favorite tacos, chicken, fish, or burritos.


This will last up to a week, even longer if you freeze it!

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